Pinterest worthy uni room

Moving into my room in university halls was hard because it felt so empty and lifeless, I knew I would never be able to spend much time in it unless I added some homely touches and soft furnishings. The focal point of my room is my bed and I’ve decorated very little in my room apart from this area, expect putting up photos on my pin board. I spent plenty of time on Pinterest looking at bedroom decor and found some quick and easy ways to add some life into the room- read below on what I’ve added and where I got everything.

First off is the bedding- the first thing I bought before coming to uni. This one is from Ikea, I thought it would be good to have a cool pattern rather than just plain white as that’s the easiest way to add some colour into a bedroom if you can’t paint the walls.

The faux fur blanket is from Sainsbury’s (their homeware section is not to be dismissed too quickly) its so cosy and really adds a homely feel, and it came in handy over winter I can tell you.

The cactus print wall hanging is one off Amazon, I’d seen something very similar in Urban Outfitters but didn’t want to pay full price when I could get one cheaper (and with next day delivery) off Amazon. Although I’m not really allowed to stick pins in the ceiling I doubt anyone is going to notice a couple of very tiny holes (I hope not anyway).

I checked out Urban Outfitters for inspo and ended up buying the moon phases chain and ‘Let’s Stay in Bed’ cushion. Both were quite pricey but I loved them and knew they’d work really well in my room- in fact I was very restrained because believe me I could’ve spent way more in UO. They’re a fab place to pick up soft furnishings, cool lighting and accent pieces if you don’t mind paying a little more.

Lastly are the other two cushions- both are from the same shop on Etsy. I spent a while searching for affordable Kilim pillows and although I had to pay quite a bit for shipping as these came all the way from Turkey I’m glad I did as they’re both unique pieces and pretty different to anything anyone else I know has.

I also have a couple of house plants on my windowsill as that’s something I have at home- I went for things that are hard to kill. My uni also did a poster sale at the start of the year as I think a lot do and I picked up a Pulp Fiction poster for the back of my door, if you’re not keen on the idea of pinning stuff to the walls and ceiling, posters are a great way to jazz up your walls. I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of fairy lights and there’s a good reason for this- I’m not allowed them in halls as they’re a fire hazard but as soon as I move into my house next year they’re going to be one of the first things I put up.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got some ideas!

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