High street beauty haul

In my quest to spice up my makeup collection I hit the shops for s few new pieces and some replacement essentials.

First up is this foundation stick in the shade 210 Cappuccino which I’m using as a cream contour- my first ever. Safe to say I’ve been converted from powder to cream! It’s so easy to apply precisely and blends out like a dream. The only downside is that it’s more orange than I’m used to but with tan it doesn’t look so bad.

Second is this very very red lippy which I’ve got so many compliments for. I’m still a sucker for matte lips and liquid matte is great as I suck at applying lipsticks neatly. I love it and it smells so nice which is an added bonus.

Okay, my new favourite lipstick!! It’s a really lovely purple plum colour and really stands out. I would wear this every day if I had reason to.

I also picked up this lip liner to go with my lipstick- I haven’t got much to say about it to be honest, it’s pretty standard and pretty good.

This is a bit more out there for me- a beautiful blue liner that I’ll be honest I’m finding it hard to style. It’s a great product and stays on well but I’m still finding my feet with out there makeup.

Now onto essentials, Collection have released a new shade of their concealer which is so pale I love it- it’s perfect for under eye brightening or just general concealing for us paler girls.

Lastly are some everyday lashes just to add a bit of oomph. They’re so natural and subtle that they’re perfect for casual day looks.

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