Tinder Date #1

So, I’ve been single for little over a month now and I’ve decided to give Tinder a go. To be honest I’m not looking for another relationship but I enjoy going on dates and meeting new people so this seemed like a good place to start, especially considering the entertainment value you get from it.

I went on my first date a few days ago and thought I’d report back to you guys. I will obviously not give details of who it was and won’t tell you exactly where we went out of respect for the guy’s privacy.

When I agreed to the date I was quite attracted to the guy, who we’re going to call A (cause A comes first in the alphabet). He’s sporty, a nice guy and well mannered. However a few days later, when it was time for the date I was starting to go off him, there had been zero flirting and he seemed too nice which I know sounds like an odd thing to say. I couldn’t see myself joking around with him and was getting nervous in case the date was full of awkward silences.

Now, onto the date itself. He came and picked me up which is definitely something I’d expect on a first date so although it was nice of him, he hadn’t earned any brownie points just yet. The initial conversation was pretty much just centred around university life, no joking, no flirting. If I was ranking the date on a scale of -10 to 10 he was probably sitting around 0 at this point. I put the lack of jokes down to nerves, the guy didn’t seem like he did this a lot.

We arrived at the cocktail bar (his choice) and I was impressed. It was casual and had a great menu and was a good vibe for a first date. I’d definitely suggest going there in future with another guy. The location choice definitely took him up into positive figures, however he did say he was only going off recommendations and not experience so it didn’t take him far, maybe sitting around 2 at the moment. His drink choices were pretty good, and as I work in a cocktail bar I definitely judge people on their choices (bad I know). This took him up to a 3.

He had an idea of one person suggesting a category and the other giving their top 5, for example top 5 songs, top 5 foods etc. Although it’s a good way to get the other person’s likes and dislikes I would’ve preferred to just chat and see where the conversation took us. this took him back down to 0. I feel like that’s something you could do when you’re just chilling with someone and run out of stuff to talk about, and isn’t something I’d use as a conversation starter.

Another idea he had was to choose a drink for each other, which I actually quite liked, We’d just discussed our top 5 cocktails though so it made the job pretty easy.

The moment I knew this date was going to be a stand alone occasion was when he voiced his opinion on tattoos. I have two, which he didn’t know initially. He said he disliked them and thought they were a bad idea. When I mentioned mine he didn’t back down out of politeness or respect, in fact he just re-voiced his initial opinion. That made it awkward to say the least. His points score took a pretty decent fall into the negative numbers and never recovered. I’d say he was around -4 at this point.

We managed to pick up conversation again but I was really not into it at this point and I knew there wasn’t going to be a second date. We went home and he dropped me off, there was no end of date kiss as you could probably guess.

Overall I’d give him a score of -3 with no chance of a second date.

When he messaged me the next morning (before I was even awake, bit too eager for my liking) and asked me out again I told him sorry, but no. He asked me a couple of times why I wouldn’t go out with him again, which honestly put me off even more because we really didn’t know each other well enough to ask that sort of thing, I felt. I went with the old, ‘it’s me not you’ line and haven’t spoken to him since.

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