Staples I need in my wardrobe

Something I’ve noticed is that I do wear the same basic bottoms pretty much all the time, I feel most confident in black skinny jeans or a black denim mini skirt so the first thing I’m going to do is buy a really nice pair of jeans and another denim skirt in a pale blue so that when it gets warmer I can still stick with the same sort of look but it will be more summery. These are the sort of things I’m going to want to last so I’ll be going to Topshop for both I think.

My favourite look at the moment are oversized tops tucked into my bottoms, whether that’s a skirt, shorts, or jeans. I’m also really loving colourful stripes at the moment so I’m on the lookout for the perfect top. Another style I’m really liking are slogan t shirts, but I’m so picky that there’s only a couple I’d even consider buying, again my favourites are from Topshop.

The second t shirt comes in and out of stock so much that I need to keep checking and as soon as it’s back in a 10 (so it’s nice and oversized) I’m buying it.

I’ve noticed a massive lack of basics in terms of the shoes I own, although I’ve got great shoes for walking round uni and comfy nights out I don’t have any particularly smart shoes or boots. This has made me come unstuck several times in the last few weeks when I can’t wear ballet flats due to the rain but I have no other smart shoes so I’ve jut purchased this pair of boots from ASOS which were an absolute steal at £19.

I went for a wide fit as I usually have to if the shoes aren’t going to stretch out which I don’t think these will. I’m really hoping they’re super comfy as I never even wear a small heel during the day but I’m going to want to wear these for long periods of time.

Another thing I’m going to invest in are some vintage Levi’s cutoff shorts, I already own a dark blue denim pair but want to add black and pale denim pairs to my wardrobe as they’re my favourite things to wear on holiday. They’re really easy to find in vintage shops and it’s so easy to find your size as the waist band size is printed on the label.

Lastly I’m in dire need of some new trainers as the only pair I own are over two years old and are pretty worn out from so much wear. I’m going to keep these for gym use which was my original intention for them, then buy another pair for everyday wear.

In super in love with these Reebok trainers because they’re chunky without looking too manly and I think white trainers will just add a nice touch to an outfit, especially if I’m wearing black jeans.

Thanks for reading! X

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