I caved and splurged! Nars Sheer Glow

Okay so this is easily the most expensive foundation I’ve ever bought having always stuck to drugstore/high street brands such as Rimmel or L’Oreal but man am I glad I bought it! The coverage is amazing and a little goes a long way, the finish is beaut and it’s lasts allllll day!

I went for the shade Deauville which goes really well with my skin tone when I’ve got a bit of tan on but I’ll probably need to add a bit of bronzer when I’ve got a fresh, darker tan. I’m hoping it will just about work with my untanned skin colour as well.

It’s really buildable to add more coverage when needed which I think is great as I don’t always want a thick layer of foundation unless my skin is particularly bad one day.

It doesn’t have a matte finish which is unusual for me as that’s definitely my preferred finish of foundation, however I still really like it as it’s not overly shiny. Also I can just put some matte powder over the top if/when I want that look.

It was £33 which is pretty steep and you might want to get the plastic pump for £3 from Nars as well as you just unscrew the top and pour out the liquid which is pretty risky business. It’s pretty tricky to get the right amount out.

Now although the price point is a little steep when you’re used to buying high street foundations I think it’s great value for money considering just how fab it is!

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