Colourful high street makeup haul

My every day go to look is nothing more complicated than black eyeliner on top of my foundation, contour and highlight etc, what I mean is I never really experiment with colour.

So I decided to pop into town to find some eye products that would help inject some colour into my makeup collection, inspired by looks I found on Pinterest I picked out 5 items.

First off is a Kiko eyeshadow in a vivid purple, this is way out of my comfort zone but I think I’ll be able to make it work. I think this was £5.90.

Second was a blue metallic eyeshadow from Nyx which is definitely something I can see myself wearing a lot for work, I’ve experimented a lot with this one and have fallen in love with it. This was very affordable at £5.50.

I also added another Barry M dazzle dust to my collection, this time going for a pretty safe pink, this is probably the most wearable of the items I bought, in my opinion. This is super affordable at £4.59 and you get loads of product!

My favourite purchase was this blue liner by Rimmel, it’s pretty safe as I can just sub it in for my standard black liner so it won’t be too drastic a look. I’ve already worn this look a handful of times, I feel like it works well as I have blue eyes. This was £5.99 which is great for a high street liner.

Lastly was a green/teal liner from Nyx which I’d wear with gold eyelids and have this on my bottom lash line, definitely one of the looks which scares me a little to wear. I think was also £5.50.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve inspired you to pick out some more colourful makeup next time you’re shopping.

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