New Look Sale Mini Haul

Hi guys! Now I’ve either never done a clothes haul or it was so long ago that I can’t remember doing it so this could well be a Vintage Teenager first. 

I’m going to start off by saying that I rarely, if ever, shop in New Look anymore, I couldn’t tell you why, maybe I just felt like I’d out grown it. But my friends are always on about the clothes they buy in the sale there for ridiculous prices, usually under the £7-8 mark. And seeing as I’m heading of to uni soon I’m trying to save money wherever possible but I still wanted some new pieces for my wardrobe. 

In total I spent £15 on 4 items of clothing, not bad if you ask me. 

First off we’re two cropped cami tops in purple and black and white stripes. They were £2 and £3 respectively, I would’ve bought every colour they had at those prices but being a U.K. size 8/10 I didn’t have that luxury as those sizes are usually the first ones to be snapped up. They fit  really well and make your boobs look great! 

Next up was another top, it’s actually from the petite range but you can’t really tell, obviously I wouldn’t usually buy from here but I liked the top and they didn’t have it in the regular range. It’s a really cute dusty pink/ purple with crochet detailing on the sleeves, this came in at £5. It’s a jersey material so super duper comfy. 

Last but not least were these very summery shorts from the Holiday Shop. They’re a lightweight material and are very comfy. The frills and colour make them a very pretty pair of shorts. I can’t see myself wearing them until my next holiday abroad but I’ll definitely take them to uni just in case I forget to do my washing and have nothing else to wear on a night out. They were also £5! 

This lot would’ve cost me £30.96 so in total I saved £15.96 which is over half that, I will definitely be returning to New Look whenever there’s a sale on. 


3 thoughts on “New Look Sale Mini Haul

  1. I love that striped top ahh! Also, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You should be linked but head on over to my blog too see! Thanks love ❤

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