ABH Brow Wiz in Taupe

About a month ago I finally ran out of dip brow and I’ve only just got round to purchasing a replacement brow filler. Over this month I started to really like my more natural brows so decided not to go for dipbrow again as I’ve gone off those insta style brows. But I love ABH for brows so went with the very well known Brow Wiz.

I have bleached blonde hair so decided to go for the shade Taupe, which is slightly darker than my natural hair colour. 

It comes with a spoolie brush on one end which is really handy as it means you can get away with using just one product for your brows, although I do set them with a brow gel. 

(Excuse the chipped nail polish)

The nib of the product is very small which works well for precise brow filling, and you don’t use a noticeable amount of product with each application so hopefully this will last me a while because at £15.50 it’s on the pricey side. 

I’d definitely recommend this product if you want more natural brows than what you get with dipbrow. If you’re in the U.K. you can get it on Cult Beauty like I did. 


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