How to revive makeup products

When you’re a student every little counts when it comes to makeup, you scrape every last little bit of eyeshadow out the pan, you use lip liners until they are nothing more than a stub, the list goes on. 

But sometimes, there’s a bit of makeup left that’s dried up and, in true student spirit, you have to find a way to use it. So here goes:

For liquid or creme products I add a drop of Argan oil, which instantly takes the formula back to normal. 

The first product I tried this with was my ABH dipbrow and it was such a good result I also tried with an old mascara and that worked just as well! I’d seriously recommend this little beauty hack.

I don’t use a special Argan oil- this is just one I picked up from TK Maxx for under a fiver (I’m on about my third bottle now, this stuff is amazing, to see my post about it click here)

That’s all for today guys and sorry about the lack of posts! X


2 thoughts on “How to revive makeup products

  1. My black liner pots are starting to dry up!!! I must try this!! Thank you for the tips!

    Would love for you to check out my latest post xx

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