Maybelline Cover Stick

This is a product I’d never heard of before but I seriously needed a high coverage concealer for when I have a break out so picked up this on a trip to Boots. I’m not usually one for spontaneous purchases when it comes to foundation and concealer but I’m so glad I bought this. I wear this underneath my foundation as an extra layer of coverage and it almost completely eliminates any redness. I have it in the shade 01 Ivory which is pretty much perfect.

Even though it is a stick and not a liquid it blends quite nicely but it does take a bit of working into the skin to make sure you can’t see any patches of it, for this reason I don’t wear it on top of foundation as it sometimes you can end up messing that up a bit while blending this out. 

I would recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t want to wear heavy foundation but needs to cover a red patch or spot as well as for anyone who does wear foundation.

It’s also super affordable at £3.99 which makes it pretty much the cheapest product I own, yet it is easily one of my faves. Proof that price isn’t everything. As you can see from the photos, I’m pretty much out of this so I will be returning to Boots to go and buy at least a couple more!


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