The Body Shop Haul

I actually only picked up 4 products as I went in with an idea of two I wanted then discovered they had a three-for-two deal on all skincare and fragrance (excluding the masks unfortunately). This I couldn’t resist so quickly chose two more items. I hate picking without doing research first but I wasn’t about to start reading reviews while in the shop.

1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

First of is the product I wanted to get my hands on ridiculously badly, I genuinely was so excited to get on and smother myself in it. The mask didn’t disappoint. It stings a little but I guess that just means it’s working?? It smells good and is a proper mud mask. My skin feels so smooth after using it.

2. Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

The reason I chose this is because I have such dry skin around my eyes. I thought an eye-specific product might really help. I’ve been using the cream everyday and the dry skin has cleared a little. The roller I use under my eyes but haven’t noticed a great deal of difference.

3. Lightening Fluid

Next is the other product I actually went in with the intention of buying- lightening fluid. I always find that even the lightest foundation shades are still a bit too dark and make me look orange. This has helped me so much and is honestly a bit of a god send. It doesn’t change the consistency of the foundation either- my matte ones stay matte. They also do a darkening fluid but I didn’t get that as for me to need it I’d need a spray tan something similar to Ross’.

4. Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash

Now I have a face wash I have used for a long time and I love it, it really helped clear up my skin. However it can be a bit harsh for using everyday, especially in winter when my skin is drier. Therefore I decided to pick this one up as it looked more gentle but also like it wouldn’t do my skin any damage. Unfortunately I have not realtors used this enough to give you my verdict just yet.

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