Europe Bucket List

Travelling is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember and the older I’ve got the longer the list has become. I made a pin board a couple of years ago with about 15 places on it, now there’s nowhere near enough room for all the places I want to go!

I recently turned 18 which means I can travel solo. However I’m not sure my family would want me going away for long. Which means I’m restricted to mini breaks or weekends away. Which means Europe is the only really feasible place to go as otherwise I’d spend too much time travelling  there and back.

1. Norway

This is a very new addition to my list, somewhere I’d never considered before. But I followed a load of photographers on instagram recently and Norway is a popular location. My favourite places are Bergen, the Lofoten Islands and the Sognefjord. 

2. Lisbon 

There’s so much beautiful architecture and history in Lisbon, which you can get elsewhere but it’s less well known and not as popular a destination.

3. Milan

This is also for the amazing architecture but also because they have a Wes Anderson cafe (!!!!!!!). 

4. A castle tour of Germany

German castles are some of the most amazing, beautiful and impressive in the world and what better way to see them all than a road trip round the country. 

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