New Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams

I am a long time fan of these products but I just kept forgetting to buy more. I was after a matte peach lippy and thought to try and find one for a high street price, that’s when I remembered Nyx. I put the shade Buenos Aires in my ASOS basket and had a quick scroll through the other colours, the one which stood out for me was Zurich, a pinky nude brown. 

The only issue I have is that Zurich looks too much like my normal lip colour and wasn’t quite as brown as I wanted, but I still love it and will just order another one which is more brown toned.

These two additions take my total up to five but I know I won’t stop there, there’s so many colours to choose from and at £5.50 they’re ridiculously affordable. The only problem is there aren’t many Nyx stores so swatching them is basically impossible unless you live in a big city with a store. However they’re so popular there are tonnes of pictures online. 

These are the ideal matte lipsticks for anyone on a budget or who just loves matte lips in general!


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