Nars Laguna Bronzer – Would I buy full size?

So I recently I discovered that Feelunique do this service where you pay £3.95 postage and get 5 samples that you can choose from a selection. 

The first one I picked was the Nars Laguna Bronzer (an easy choice). I’ve had my eye on this for years but for some reason I always ended up buying other ones. The reason I was then sceptical about buying this anyway was the fact that most bronzers are pretty much the same. I’ve found ones I like so trying others and possibly not liking them seemed like it could be a waste of money. 

However when I found out about the sampling thing I had to try it and it’s safe to say, I will buy this full size. It is so smooth and easy to blend, further more it would work as both a bronzer and a contour shade. However I might wait until I hit pan on another bronzer I already have, especially as there are other products I need more. 

It’s pretty much matte, but the fact it’s not quite would mean I’d most likely use it just for bronzing as I want my contour to be completely matte. It’s a really natural colour, quite light and isn’t too orange toned either so would be great for someone as pale as me. 

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