Nyx Lingerie in Embellishment – Review

I am such a huge fan of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams (SMLC) that I had to try this out. I tried to pick a colour unlike any I already had in my collection, this lead me to the brown/purple tones of Embellishment. 

When I first tried this out several months ago I didn’t like it at all. However the problems I had before are long gone. 

I found it to be quite sticky the first time I tried it, but if you give it time this goes away. It does take quite a while for it to go matte but once it does, it doesn’t budge. My ultimate test for a lipstick (or any makeup) is to wear it to work. On a regular 6 hour shift I tend to eat and drink lots of water. If a lippy can stay put trough that then it must be good. I decided to wear this in NYE meaning more eating and drinking than usual. By the end of the shift only the inner parts of my lips had started to fade. 

I find this pretty easy to apply, the long, thin brush makes it simple enough. This particular shade is quite daring for me as it is much darker than what I’m used to, however the number of compliments I received was more than any other lipstick I’ve ever worn. 

I would recommend this product, even though it didn’t wow me to start with. And at just £6.50 it is well worth the price! 


3 thoughts on “Nyx Lingerie in Embellishment – Review

  1. I’m actually wearing this shade today! Its one of the only shades I like from the Lingerie line. I do find it to be more comfortable than some other liquid lipsticks.

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