Max Factor Lipgloss – Review

I picked this lipgloss up in the shade Pristine Nude, I wanted it to apply over the top of my matte lipsticks without changing their colour. 

Therefore the fact that it is so sheer and not very pigmented makes it perfect for this job. Once it’s on my lips (without anything else) you wouldn’t know it was there if it weren’t for the glossy shine. 
I feel that this particular shade works very well for what I intended, but due to its sheer finish I don’t think I’d buy in another shade. 

It has quite a nice vanilla scent which is a bonus, but it’s not strong enough to be able to smell once it’s on. The colour is barely existent in this shade, as you can see from the swatch it made my hand shiny and barely added a hint of pink. For just £8.99 it is a good price and is good value for money.


6 thoughts on “Max Factor Lipgloss – Review

  1. I tried their mascara and their eyeliner. Never tried anything else. I like to have one almost clear lipgloss in my collection for those days I don’t really want anything on my lips

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