My Blogging Goal (but not because it’s a new year)

I didn’t want to do this, in fact I almost despise myself for this post. I hate people who feel the need to wait until the start of a new year to change themselves. I think that as soon as you register a problem, or a thing you don’t like, you should do something about it asap. Leaving it for perhaps several months until January 1st comes around is scandalous and nothing short of ridiculous, in my opinion. 

Therefore I am trying to avoid making this post anything to do with the beginning of 2017, I have just decided upon it today, after all. 

My main blogging goal for the coming months is to improve my photography. Often the products I review come in very pretty packaging which lends itself to being photographed, this means that my often hideous attempts are almost criminal. Surely they should look better than how I make them appear. 

Secondly, post more often. This will be hard as some of the most important months of my life are ahead of me. Trying to balance A Levels, the gym, my part time job, blogging, family, friends and my boyfriend is quite a task and unfortunately something had to give and it was blogging which was hit hardest, closely followed by my number of gym sessions. I went from going 25 times in August down to just 8 times in November. The lapse has been obvious, my body has regressed back to almost where I started. This is truly upsetting. However I am now equipped with the knowledge I need in order to make rapid progress, hopefully beyond what I achieved last year. And as I try and up my gym attendance I will also be trying to up the number of blog posts I do by dedicating time to it at the weekends. 

My third and final goal is to be happy, regardless of what that means in terms of everything going on in my life. School is not the be-all and end-all and therefore the stress I put myself under is not necessary. Going to the gym makes me happy, blogging also does this, and my family, friends and bf do a frankly incredible job as well. Therefore I hope that I can make myself happy as this, surely, is everyone’s ultimate aim.

Now I am a sucker for quotes so here are a few which I love.


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