Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade – Review

Any avid followers of my blog will know that I’ve wanted this product for so so so long! When I opened my Christmas presents and found this I was over the moon. 

It is seriously one of the most beautiful bits of makeup I’ve ever seen. The  multicoloured veins are supposed to add different dimensions to the product when they’re all blended together, however I think they all get lost and it ends up being a white-ish silver colour. The pearly finish though is gorgeous! It makes you look radiant without being glittery and over the top like some highlighters.

I’ve only used this product once but I feel like that was enough to let me make up my mind. I do like this, it looks amazing sat on my desk and does a brilliantly good job of highlighting. HOWEVER if you want a highlighter which is going to pop this product in Soft & Gentle is the better option. 

I will be using this on days where I don’t want to look like I’ve gone all out with my makeup, as it looks my natural (no bad thing of course).

At £24 it’s a mid ground price for a highlighter, much like many of Mac’s products, Soft & Gentle seems like it will last forever though which makes it even better value!

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