How to grow your makeup collection

I’m finding it so hard to expand my makeup collection at the moment, I don’t want to spend loads but I want to make sure what I do buy is great quality and will last. I’ve found it a massive help to follow a few tips:

1. Read reviews- now this isn’t groundbreaking stuff but I think some people do forget that especially with well known brands there will be loads of reviews and ratings out there. So GET READING! Also watch videos and look at swatches etc.

2. Don’t buy something if you already own something very similar. Again, pretty obvious stuff but not easily adhered to. If you love one colour of blush and only buy that then if you ever find it doesn’t go with your eyeshadow, for example, then you’ll be stuck. Try and get variety in your collection. For example; as much as I love Mac Soft and Gentle I won’t buy another gold highlight until I’m running low, I’ll look for silver, champagne or pinkish ones. 

3. If you’re on a budget but want a big collection then there are some products that you really don’t need lots of. Mascara is an obvious one. Most people will go for black and if so, one is all you really need. Another is foundation; yes there are different finishes (matte, dewy, etc) and different shades depending on whether or not you have a tan but stick to one or two favourites as it’s more the products that go on top that make the look. Other products such as concealer, setting powder and eye liner all fall into this category. 

4. Palettes are a great idea if you want more choice. For example, buying 3 separate blushes is going to be more expensive than buying them as a palette however you then have to like all of them for it to be worth it. Buying eyeshadow can be really expensive but if there’s a look in mind there’s probably a palette out there, and you’ll probably extra colours you may love as well. 

2 thoughts on “How to grow your makeup collection

  1. great ideas ! i also love to buy some value sets . they do contain several products so you can try all of them and pay less !

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