L’Oréal True Match Foundation Review

This is a great lightweight foundation which provides a nice natural coverage and doesn’t look cakey. I bought it in the shade 1.N Ivory as I have quite neutral undertones. This product’s selling point is a promise to match your skin shade and undertones which I think it does quite well, it is marginally too pale for me but a bit of bronzer sorts that out nicely.
I enjoy wearing this foundation a lot but I do find I can end up looking pretty shiny half way through the day, even if I do use powder. Also it has a tendancy to oxidise so I end up looking shiny and orange, not a great combo.

My biggest issue is the packaging actually, it has a clear lid which means any excess which gets wiped inside it is completely visible- obviously not a deal breaking problem but it does look messy sat on my dressing table. I do like the fact it is glass though as it feel more expensive than what you pay- £9.99.

Overall I wouldn’t buy this foundation again, sorry L’Oréal

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