L’Oréal Super Liner Review

I’ve been stuck using the same eyeliner for so long now but it is running out and in need of replacing. So I decided to try out something new. And I’m sorry to say I’m not loving it.

I bought this in the colour Intense Black but it doesn’t live up to its name. It comes out almost like a dark grey and is pretty sheer. You have to press quite hard and use the entire nib to get a decent colour and if you only use the very tip you barely get any product at all.

I also find that because it isn’t quite a liquid it doesn’t set- meaning it smudges throughout the day. I can see that this might be good for getting the initial shape of your liner right or maybe for blending out to create a smokey eye effect but eyeshadow powder would do the job better.

The only saving grace is the fact the nib is so narrow- it is good for getting a very thin line.

I’m sorry L’Oréal but I feel like this product just isn’t worth it.

I definitely won’t be buying this again so any suggestions for a good eyeliner would be more than welcome guys and gals! 

Lots of Love, Amy 

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