New Mac Lipsticks

Whenever I go into MAC I pick up at least one lipstick, if not two like on this occasion. I already had an idea of which ones I was going to buy but that didn’t stop me swatching a load on the back of my hand. In the end I decided on Brave and On Hold.


This shade only really came to my attention quite recently but I fell in love instantly. On the website it is described as pink-beige with white pearl and it is the first satin finish lipstick in my collection. I’m not sure I’d agree with that description on my lips as it looks more purplish, almost like a light plum tone. I really like it and am enjoying wearing something other than a matte finish.

On Hold

This is my first red lipstick from MAC, I haven’t been swayed in the direction of Ruby Woo just yet. It is a mid-tone yellow raspberry which I do think is very true. I love the colour and the finish, which is cremesheen (possibly my favourite). The staying power is great and lasts really well. It doesn’t bleed either which is something I hate, especially as it is so noticeable with red lipsticks.

(L: Brave R: On Hold)

(L: On Hold R: Brave) 

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