Real Techniques Core Collection

As I said a couple of days ago I’m trying to expand my makeup brush collection and I figured a good high street brand like Real Techniques was a good place to start. I picked up their four piece Core Collection which includes a buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, detailing brush and lastly a contour brush.



Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually used some of the brushes for what their supposed to be used for. The buffing brush has been used for all over bronzing and the contour brush has been used for highlight. The foundation brush I have used properly and I have to say I quite liked it. You have to take extra care so you don’t end up looking streaky and for this reason I still prefer my beauty blender. The detail brush I’ve found is great for concealer, especially under my eyes as it is so tiny and delicate.
I am a massive Real Techniques fan and own quite a lot of their brushes already so I knew I’d be happy with the quality of these ones. They are all so soft and look cute in my pots. Another thing which I do like is the fact they have white tips as it’s so much easier to see when they need a clean.


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