Maybelline Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Review

As chosen by you!

If you visit my blog frequently you’ll know that I asked you guys which mascaras I should try and from my list of drugstore products it was the Maybelline Colossal Volume Cat Eyes mascara which won! I will compare it to the Maybelline Lash Sensational so you might have some idea what I’m talking about, as that is probably the best drugstore mascara going.

I’ll be honest, I hate the packaging, it looks pretty cheap and tacky. It is also smaller than the Maybelline Lash Sensational (LS). 

The brush looks good, very thin and small. It is longer and has a more pronounced curve than LS. This starts to win me back. 

Application. This is where the mascara comes into its own. The small size of the brush makes applying the product to bottom lashes so easy and they look so much longer than they do when I use LS. The length of the top lashes is brilliant and only needs one or two coats to be achieved, unlike LS which takes quite a bit of building up I find. However, individual lashes look very thin so for those of you who hate clumpy lashes this could one for you. 

Overall I would recommend this mascara as a slightly cheaper alternative to LS as the final results are about the same. The only advantage of this mascara is the way it works on bottom lashes, for which I will probably use it everyday (that’s if two separate mascaras for top and bottom isn’t too excessive).

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