L’Oreal La Palette Nude Beige

First off, why I bought this. I love the look of the Naked palettes but at nearly £40 each I don’t really have the funds to buy more than one so as much as I would love to own all 3 I’ve had to pick one and my favourite is definitely Naked 3, a palette full of pink and purple tones. However, I still wanted a gold palette and so I went on a hunt for cheaper alternative and this is what I found.


You don’t get quite as many colours (10 compared to 12 in a Naked palette) or the same quality but at about a third of the price that’s to be expected.

I do love the colours which are in the palette, they make a really lovely combination of golden but neutral shades. I can see this coming in useful for a lot of different looks.


I’m yet to give it a proper go so I can’t offer a proper review just yet, also being so inexperienced with eyeshadow I doubt a review from me would be very useful, however hopefully I should be back with one in a couple of weeks.

L’oreal do three palettes in this line, the beige one, a rose one and a smokey one which is mostly Grey’s with a couple of brighter colours in. They are somewhere in the £12-£15 region depending on where you shop. I think this is a great price and definitely worth it if you’re new to makeup or want a cheaper alternative to a high end palette.


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