MAC Wishlist

A few days ago I published another MAC Wishlist which was exclusively lipsticks so if you want to have a peak at that click here.

However, this one is a list of a few other products that have caught my eye recently.

First off is the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. I already own this in Soft & Gentle which is much more golden. I love the multitude of colours in this product and it is definitely top of my list of highlighters to try.

Secondly is Gesso, a white matte eyeshadow. Now I know that I don’t need to spend £13 on a single eyeshadow, especially when it’s in as simple of a colour as white, but their eyeshadows are pretty good quality so I don’t mind splurging a little.

Next is another eyeshadow, this time in the colour Beautiful Iris. I love lilac eyeshadow, espeiclaly on blue eyes. I feel like this dusted in the crease with maybe a white or even paler purple on the lids would look super cute, without looking like it was picked out by a 8 year old.

Oh look, another eyeshadow. This time it’s a pretty pink shade called Girlie. I love this as it isn’t overly garish but is still noticeable.

Right, we’ve moved on from eyeshadow and are onto lip products, there’s just one on this list and it’s a pencil in the colour Edge to Edge. I own so many pink lipsticks but no pink lip liners. It really is a tragedy.

Now, in reality I’d love everything MAC has to offer so narrowing it down to just 5 was pretty tricky, especially with so many gorgeous eyeshadows


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