MAC Lipstick Wishlist

Getting on for a year ago I published a two part MAC Wishlist which was one of the first beauty related posts I’d ever done on this blog. Since then makeup has become a big part of my life, I take so much more interest in products and brands than I used to.

I felt it was only right for me to do another wishlist. The last one comprised of 10 shades, of which I’ve bought 4 (Creme in your Coffee, Stone, Peach Blossom and of course, Velvet Teddy). Of the remaining 6 only one has made it back onto the list this year, so let’s start there.

Tropic Tonic. This is a bright, matte coral. Since last year I’ve fallen in love with matte lipsticks even more and I would guess that about half of all the lipsticks I own are in this finish, and probably an even higher proportion of the MAC ones. I think that coral lips go really well with neutral makeup and blonde hair so this is top of my list of ones to purchase.

Brave. This is a satin finish lipstick, one I’ve never tried. The shade is a pink-beige which is just about my favourite lip colour ever.

Sweet Venom. This is yet another coral but is more pink toned, and yet again it is a matte finish. Is two matte coral lipsticks too many? I hope not because I am seriously considering buying both.

Pink Plaid. Another matte has made it onto the list. This a pink with blue undertones, my favourite kind of pink. I love the edge the matte finish gives this colour.

On Hold. This is the last one I’m including on my wishlist. It is a Cremesheen finish which is probably my second favourite and a raspberry colour. I love this as it isn’t quite bold enough to be a statement lip colour but isn’t as plain as a nude shade.


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