tarte Wishlist

tarte is one of those brands which I spend ages looking at but have never actually bought anything from. However, I really want to change this soon. I have spent quite a while trying to choose a few different products to try so here they are…

First off is the skin twinkle lighting palette. For me this is just heaven. I love love love using highlighters so the fact that there are three in one palette is just amazing. It is £31 so that is around £10 per product. That sort of price is great for a higher end brand! On the website they recommend using each one on a different part of the face but to be honest I’d probably use them all interchangeably and only really along my nose and cheekbones.


Second is the tartlette in bloom eyeshadow palette. I’ve got to be honest I probably like the packaging more than the product. I wouldn’t buy it on these grounds alone however. I love the mix of matte and lustre shades and the overall neutralness of the palette. It is one I could definitely see myself using a hell of a lot.


The last product is a blush. I never used to like wearing a lot of blush- or blush at all for that matter, but recently I’ve realised just how much more natural it looks. The one I really would like to try is the amazonian clay blush in the shade exposed. This is a very nude pink, which is my preferred shade as I don’t want to end up looking like a china doll with red rosy cheeks.


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