Collection Lasting Perfection vs Maybelline Age Rewind

These have got to be two of the best budget concealers on the market, both are very cheap but excellent in what they do. But which is best?

First off is the Collection one. I think that the colour is perfect for my skin tone (I use the shade Fair). However, when it comes to any redness I’m not sure this offers enough coverage for me, but for under eyes it is perfect. The best thing about this product for me though is that it doesn’t crease under my eyes like the Maybelline one. Furthermore, it is easily blendable and the wand offers a more precise application. This shade is also what I use when I want to highlight but am in a rush. I run a line of it down my nose, blend, add a little bronzer et voila. I looks a lot more natural than any powders I have when it comes to application on my nose; even my Mac Mineralize Skinfinish doesn’t work for me here.



The Maybelline one wins on coverage in my opinion, and it is more creamy. The sponge applicator helps to blend and apply the product to a bigger area. But all of this stops to matter when, after an hour or so, it creases under my eyes. Maybe when combined with another product such as a specific under eye primer this wouldn’t happen, if you have any suggestions let me know! Also the shade ‘light’ really isn’t that light, so I use ‘fair’ instead.




L-R: Collection, Maybelline (light), Maybelline (fair)

Both of these products are worth the money but overall *drum roll please*…

The Winner Is: Collection Lasting Perfection

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