Fragrances for Autumn

This autumn I am looking for a couple of new fragrances that will help me feel a little more cosy and warm. This will be a mix of perfume and body spray as I like to use both.

First off I have chosen this perfume: Alaia Paris. This a floral and musky scent with pink pepper and mountain air as two of the top notes. I love more musky, anhydrous scents, especially in the winter time.


My second choice was this Estee Lauder perfume called Modern Muse Chic. Its top notes are plum (something I can’t help but find autumnal) and artemisia. I love the idea of a white floral scent to liven up wintery days.

modern muse

My third choice of perfume is by Jo Malone, they always have the most incredible scent combinations and I found it hard to choose just one for this list. In the end I went with Amber and Lavender, which may not have been the most autumnal of them all but I love the sound of it.

jo malone

Now onto Body Mists, my first choice is this one by the Body Shop which is vanilla scented. Vanilla is one of my favourite smells so being able to smell of it all the time is my idea of heaven.

body shop

The second body mist is from the fabulous Victoria’s Secret who do incredible panties and even better fragrances. This one is called Love Addict and has notes of wild orchid and blood orange.


My third and final Body mist is by Hollister, a company I have always relied on for amazing smelling body mist. My choice to fit the autumnal brief is Lunada Bay, which is nectarine, water lotus and (yet again) vanilla. I’m not sure why I chose this one as it doesn’t exactly scream autumn but it is one I can picture myself wearing this time of year.



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