August Favourites

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1. House of Holland false nails
I have worn these a couple of times and think they are great quality, they are slightly claw-like but if you’re careful then you won’t end up giving yourself or others too many injuries.
2. Eos lipbalm
This is one of my favourite lipbalms ever. It smells amazing, it goes on really well and it seriously rehydrates my lips. I have the blueberry and acai flavour and it is probably one of my favourites.
3. Barry M prickly pear nail polish
I admit that the quality isn’t that great, it took a few layers to get an even, non streaky coating but the colour is awesome and the resistance to chipping is fairly good too. I probably won’t wear this colour again until next spring now because we’re moving into Autumn but it’s a great shade to have in your nail polish arsenal.
4. Chanel Eau Fraiche perfume
I bought this in America and I haven’t stopped wearing it since, my Huge Boss perfume I was using has been made redundant. The only issue is that it seems to attract lots of wasps. Not fun at all. The smell is almost quite manly but I am a fan of that, it’s main scents are cedar and lemon which give it a woody yet citrus smell.
5. MAC Peach Blossom lipstick
I love wearing this shade as it isn’t too garish and tends to match lots of different colours. I only bought it around a week ago but it has cemented itself as one of my all time favourite lipsticks.
6. White eyeliner (no specific brand)
I love using white eyeliner in the inside corner of my eyes to open them up, but recently I have started drawing a line over the top lid of my eye before applying black eyeliner as it really makes the darker colour a lot more vivid and gives it an extra pop of sharpness.
7 & 8. Scandaleyes Shadowsticks by Rimmel
I have the colours Bluffing and Bulletproof Beige and I think they work so well together. Rather than just having one plain colour I use the darker shade (Bluffing) to darken up my crease and the outside edge to give my eye shadow more depth and shape. These two combined with the aforementioned MAC lipstick made up one of my favourite makeup looks for this summer. It was my go to for days when I wanted to make a bit more of an effort.

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