MAC Wishlist

Mac lipsticks are great, they are somewhere between Rimmel and Maybelline at £5-£7 and the designer brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford that have price tags over £25. At £15.50 for one of the normal colours they are affordable for people like me. If I could I would buy every colour (even if they didn’t suit me) just to gaze at lovingly but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen so I compiled my favourite 5 at the moment with the hopes of purchasing them in the not too distant future (I’ll let you know how this goes).

  1. Creme in your coffee- this is a pinky brown colour in the cremesheen finish. I love the simplicity of the colour and would wear it with a smokey eye as not to draw too much attention away from the main feature.                                                                                               656cfcbfcbc2f6c556d3db7bcda5dca4
  2. Peach Blossom- I don’t really have a nude lipstick- the horror! So I though this would be a good one to start with. It has quite a frosty colour but I really like it. Again is is the cremesheen finish. peach
  3. Ravishing- the third cremesheen lipstick. This is a lovely coral colour which I feel will take me into autumn very well. I love the shade and again I don’t own a coral.      MCF309
  4. Stone- this is a mixture of so many colour, there’s grey, mave, brown and taupe. It is quite a muted colour which I feel is what suits me best and I feel more confident wearing. It comes in the matte finish which I really like for this colour.                                          M2LP3T
  5. Tropic Tonic- this is the loudest colour of the 5 and is a bright, vivid coral. This is a fantastic colour for making a statement. Again it comes in the matte finish which I think makes this lipstick a little different as if you bought a coral from Maybelline or Rimmel it would probably have a shiny finish.                                                                                    M2LP3L

5 thoughts on “MAC Wishlist

  1. Creme in your coffee and peach blossom look really pretty, i think you just made me add them to my wishlist❤️ btw love your blog👍🏼

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