Makeup and Beauty Haul

So while in America I obviously had to buy some makeup as it is loads cheaper over there. I went into Sephora first and then popped into the MAC store. Also, I couldn’t pass by Bath and Body Works with out picking up some PocketBacs (they smell amazing and I use them all the time). As well as this, I went out shopping the other day and bought a couple of other things, mostly just replacements.

Firstly, my america buys…

DSCN0627 ย DSCN06362d4c38edbcafff42e814dd7319ed9ed2

Two MAC lipsticks: The swatch on the left is Creme Cup in the Cremesheen finish and the one on the right is All Fired Up in the Retro Matte finish. My picture didn’t quite do it justice, so I’ve used the one off the website. I love both of the colours but I’m not sure about the finishes. The cremesheen doesn’t cover that well but has awesome staying power and the retro matte is quite hard to apply, but once it is on it is incredible. I tried to pick a colour I could wear day to day and one I would save for when I wanted to go all-out.

Next I treated myself to a perfume:


Chance by Chanel in Eau Fraiche (It’s a really pretty green colour, but that’s not why a bought it, honest).

Then I invested in a product I have heard so much about but never tried: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner


So far so good. I found it a little difficult to apply at first but I think I am getting the hang of it. It only takes a tiny amount to get the line I like and it lasts all day- it really does live up to its name.

I also restocked my Prime Time primer by Bare Minerals. I would say this is my favourite primer but then it is the only primer I have ever used. I love the results it gives so won’t be using any others any time soon.


I picked up 5 hand sanitisers from Bath and Body Works but I could only find four of them:


My favourite is the top right, it’s called Dazzling Diamond and it smells amazing! It leaves glitter on your hands though so I try not to touch my face after use.

Back in the UK I have bought two things:


I usually go for the matte finish but decided to try out the original formula. I am really liking it so far and will probably stick with this from now on, it’s goodbye to the matte finish!

Also, I really love red lipsticks but can never find the right shade. I was hoping to buy MAC’s Ruby Woo but didn’t see it so I found (what I think to be) a good substitute, at least for the time being. It is Mayfair Red Lady by Rimmel. Apologies for the picture quality, the camera wouldn’t focus. It is essentially a bright red, kind of boring but makes a statement.


So there we have it, my beauty buys from my trip to America and a couple from after my return home.

5 thoughts on “Makeup and Beauty Haul

  1. Hi from Canada! We love Bath and Body Works too. The Iced Berry Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac smells sooo good!!

    Love the Chanel Chance perfume – a personal favourite, and you’ll lobe the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. So good!

  2. ooh the bobbi brown eyeliner sounds gorgeous!! i’d love to try it out soon too ๐Ÿ™‚
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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