World Wide Wednesday – Japan

Japan is somewhere which fascinates me and I would love to visit. It has so many breath taking places that you can hardly believe are real. This post has by far the most pictures of any I have ever done- World Wide Wednesday or otherwise. When I googled ‘amazing places in japan’ hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful places were displayed and I had a hard time picking just a small selection. Personally, I’m not sure I would like to spend too much time in Tokyo as it just looks a bit too busy for me but the rest of the country is incredible so there would be lots of other things to see.

6-Beautiful-Places-The-Red-Bridge-Aridagawa-Cho-Japan Cinque-Terre-Rio-Maggiore-Italy

unbelievable-places-25-2places17 -beautiful-Japan-beautiful-places-20150792-1600-1200unbelievable-places-23d8779b368a01b4e5ef8f051f22beb2c6tokyo


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