High Street Beauty Haul

Okay, I went a little overboard. I spent the better part of £50 (and it would have been £70 if there weren’t offers) on a load of new make up. Now £50 may not sound like much at all when you are used to buying high-end brands but it honestly gets you a lot from Superdrug. I think it is the most I have ever spent in one go on make up. These aren’t really big things like foundations or mascaras but just little things I felt I was lacking from my collection. So here goes…

1. Nails

My nail products are all from Barry M as I think for such a low price they provide a good quality. Top left: MNP 10 Cancun. This was actually a bit of a mistake looking at it now, I didn’t realise that I own almost exactly the same colour already. The other colour I have is 825 Sky High by Rimmel. Bottom Left: AQNP 4 Mediterranean. This has to be my favourite. It is from the Aquarium collection and the cool thing about it is that it changes colour! I think this one is pink and gold, looking at the bottle. Bottom Right: MNP 6 Waikiki. This looks like a sort of snot colour in the picture but in real life it looks really pretty, I can’t wait to try it. Top Right: GNP 11 Dragon Fruit. This one actually came as  freebie as if you spent £9 on Barry M you got a free nail polish. I actually really like this colour but, again, it is similar to another I already own, however this is almost unavoidable as it is pink.


2. Eyes

I stepped out of my comfort zone with this as I bought two shadow sticks. I had no idea what these would be like but I thought that the colours were too nice not to. Top Left: 011 Bluffing. This is a really pretty sort of taupe colour which will be great for evenings and winter. Top Right: 002 Bulletproof Beige. I think this is actually more of a gold colour which is actually what I wanted as I think gold is a great colour for summer. Bottom Right: These are swatches of the two aforementioned colours. Left is Bluffing and right is Bulletproof Beige. Bottom Left: this is an eye shadow palette which has silver, two greys, black and gold. I’m not really sure I think that the gold goes and I probably won;t use it alongside these colours but it is nice either on its own or with the Bulletproof Beige shadow stick. All three of these products are from Rimmel.


3. Lips

Top Left: 910 Shocking Coral. This has to be one of the brightest lipsticks I own, despite the fact that on the container (don’t know what it is called) it looks quite tame. However, I think the name would have given it away. Luckily I don’t mind bright lips. Top Right: 245 Magic Mauve. I really loved this colour on the website but when it came it just didn’t suite look the same, but fortunately I actually like the colour it is even better. Bottom Right: These are the two swatches, left is the coral and right is the mauve. Bottom Left: Baby Lips in Hydrate. I really, really, really love these Baby Lips lip balms. I did have the mint one but it ran out, then I bought the cherry one, however this makes it look as though you are wearing lipstick, not ideal for school or just general everyday use. Finally I have got round to buying another one, as my lips are so sore at the moment the hydrate one seemed like the best option. All three of these products are from Maybelline.


4. Face

I only got two products for my face, and I actually only bought one of these. The bronzer was another freebie as Rimmel also had a deal on. I have this bronzer already but don’t really use it all that often. When I opened the parcel containing all the makeup I was surprised to find not one but two bronzer, bringing my total up to three. I genuinely don’t think I will ever use them all but oh well. The blush is also Rimmel and I think it really goes well with my skin tone. I was worried I would end up looking like a little kid messing around with their mum’s makeup but it is quite subtle so I’m fine.


So there you have it, my make up haul. I might get back to you with some reviews at some point, but don’t hold me to it!


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