World Wide Wednesday- Palau

Firstly: An apology. It has been nearly 3 months since my last World Wide Wednesday post and I feel bad about this as these posts are often some of my best received. Don’t worry though, it isn’t because I have run out of places I want to go, it is more because of exams and revising (I STILL have 5 left!)

Secondly: On with the post.

Palau is a country in Oceania. It is an archipelago made up of more than 500 islands. The reason I would love to go here is because it is full of beautiful places and amazing things you won’t see anywhere else. The scenery and landscape is just breathtaking and the crystal clear ocean looks divine.

The most amazing of these places is Jellyfish Lake. The name speaks for itself really. It is a lake full of small jellyfish which don’t sting so it is perfectly safe to swim in.

palau 5 palau 6

And here are some other pictures of this beautiful place…

palau 2 palau palau 3palau 4

Luftaufnahme von Seventy Islands Mikronesien Palau Aerial View of Seventy Islands Micronesia Palau


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