6 creative ways to use mason jars

I don’t know if this is just me be in our household we seen to get through millions of glass jars. Over the years I have found some fun ways to use them. You can either buy jars from brands such as Kilner or use old ones from sauces or (my favourites) Nutella. I have compiled 5 of my favourites here for you.

1.Money jars

This is really simple and easy to do. You can cut a coin sized hole in the lid or take it off completely. A fun way of making it a little more interesting is to add what you are saving for on the front. This way you will stay motivated to keep adding to it.

741ab2a61e0364f842266d110dbaae7b b3dc76e99d2e2dea29440d42872f3caa Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Funds-Mason-Jar-Bank-10

2. Fill with fairy lights

If you have a string of fairy lights which are battery powered this is the perfect way to make more of a feature out of them. If you stuff a jar with them they are so easy to move around depending on where you want your light to be.


3. Organizers

By this I simple mean putting things in them. I use them on my desk for my most used make up brushes and make up. To make them look a bit prettier find some coloured or patterned sticky tape and wrap it around the jar. Alternatively you can very easily paint them on the inside or outside using spray paint.


4. Drinks glasses

This is the perfect way to use them for summer. If you are making smoothies or drinking Pimms with fruit  this is the best way to present it. You can see exactly what it inside and I think they look so cute. Add some patterned straws for some extra cuteness.

mason_jar_drinks_lemonade Mason-Jar-Drinking-Glasses-2

5. Candle Holders

This is my favourite way of reusing the jars and I do it all the time. If you have a candle without a jar which is essentially just a lump of wax then you obviously need somewhere to put it while it burns. I have done this with several Yankee candles to the point that I have filled a jar with burnt one almost to the top. It has created a really pretty layer effect which is visible from the outside. If you just want to put a tea candle in one but don;t want it to look plain cover the jar with glitter or tissue paper which will give a really lovely lantern effect. Pages of books or quotes is another very nice way of doing it.

fall-leaves-mason-jar-candle-holders Mason-Jar-Crafts-Kids s795831404935505357_p33_i1_w600

6. Plant pots

Yep. I definitely saved the best for last. This is the epitome of cute. My absolute favourite is this one, it acts like your own little herb patch.


So that concludes my list! Be sure to like this post if you want to see more like it!

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