6 ways to spice up your bedroom

Fairy lights- fairy lights are a simple way to add a touch of delicacy to any bedroom. Plain white goes with any colour palette you may already have. Drape over your window or wrap around a metal bed frame, or do as I have and hand them around your bookshelf so all of your books are illuminated. I really love the way that lights have been paired with photos in this bedroom- it is a great way to display some of your favourite memories.


Candles- Although they obviously pose a fire hazard they are fine if watched and if in a suitable jar or holder. Mason jars work well with tea lights especially these coloured ones from Kilner, they are the perfect size to pop in a tea light. Also, if you want to add a subtle fragrance to your room scented candles are excellent. Personally I love Yankee Candle for this are the smell tends to stick around for longer. They come in so many flavours there is certainly going to be one you like. Whether it is floral and fruity like their Black Plum Blossom, or fresh like their Clean Cotton or Fluffy Towels. kilner

Tapestries- This is a brilliant way to add colour to your walls without having to do anything as permanent as painting or wall papering. Simple put up using pins and you are good to go. They can be found on Etsy and Urban Outfitters do a brilliant and beautiful range. I have a Mandala Tapestry up on one of my walls and it just adds something extra to my room. Colours and patterns can clash with existing ones or match, either works well. And as these from Urban Outfitters show, it doesn’t just have to have a pattern on it.

24264079_095_a 29528643_046_b


Mirrors- they are an excellent way to make a room seem bigger than it is as they give the illusion of more space. You could have one very large mirror or perhaps lots of smaller ones dotted across a wall. Obviously you can go with very simple modern and minimalist using plain mirrors without much or a border or edging or perhaps you can go all out using and ornate vintage type mirror which would fit with a shabby chic, French style room.

mirror wall of mirror

Cushions- you can easily make your room more welcoming and comfortable using cushions as you can easily pile them up on your bed to make a super cosy seat or they can be used simply to add decoration. Try clashing prints, colours and patterns for a boho look. Tribal and geometric patterns work very well here. I like to look at Urban Outfitters’ Instagram for inspiration on this type of thing.

31885171_095_b cushions

Anything Antique- you don’t have to be old to shop in vintage or antique stores- I am the living proof. They are great for finding one off pieces that no one else is going to have in their bedroom. And anything you find can be reworked. For example, you could buy an old candlestick but if the colour doesn’t match your room, spray paint it with one which does.

Thank you for reading, I hope you can take some inspiration from this list and maybe make your own bedroom a bit more exciting.

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