1 Year Anniversary

So, a year ago yesterday I joined the WordPress blogging community. So I felt I should share this astounding news with you all. I never thought I would make it through a whole year of blogging. I have surpassed all of my expectations.

Now, I feel like I should take this time to apologize. Recently I haven’t been doing much blogging and I can explain. Over the next two weeks I am going to have my mock GCSE exams so over the last couple of months I have been revising and revising and revising… you get the picture. I have become a hermit, like this little fella (metaphorically of course).


I sort of stopped going out. Like, at all. And my frequency of blogging significantly decreased and for that I am sorry.

February and March should see a bit of an increase but it is after my final exams in May and June that I will really be able to get going again. I have an insanely long summer this year so I should get plenty done. Maybe even a post a day (wishful thinking I know).

Anyway, thank you for a wonderful year and here’s to many more. Hopefully.

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