World Wide Wednesday- Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful country in between Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia (the latter I had in our class’ world cup sweepstake, the odds were never in my favour). It is a tiny place but it makes up for its size in its beauty. It is unique yet quintessentially rustic, an all round amazing place. Montenegro had a population of 625,266 2011 and has its own language, Montenegrin. It has a mixture of cuisines from surrounding countries such as Italy and Greece but also keeps a mediterranean style of food in the south of the country. There isn’t much more I can say about this country as I know very little about it so I will be moving swiftly onto the pictures…

One place which really captured my attention was the Ostrog Monastery (the white building in the cliffs)

montenegro 2 montenegro 3 montenegro 4 montenegro 5 montenegro 6





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