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New York and Washington D.C.

This time next year I will be on my way to New York for 4 days before heading to Washington D.C. for 4 more.  I’m not going to lie, when my dad said I could go it was possibly the happiest and most excited I have ever been. All of my exams will be finished and I will have already left school! However after my moment of excitement, it suddenly struck me, what am I going to wear?

This summer I decided to not buy as many clothes as maybe I wanted to and any clothes I did buy tended to come from vintage shops so they wouldn’t be out of fashion by next year. I bought a few basics, staple items, like shirts and plain tees but other than that I haven’t been doing as much spending. I have saved up quite a substantial amount of money for both spending and pre-travel shopping. Next summer I am going to completely revamp my wardrobe before I go.

The trip prospectus looked amazing. On the first night we were going to take a visit to the Empire State Building. If Day One was going to be this good then did I even have to worry about the rest of the 8 days? As I scan read the list of things we would be doing my excitement grew. After I spotted that we were going to the  Bubba Gump restaurant in New York for dinner one evening (this got me particularly hyped up) and that we would be visiting the Hard Rock Cafe in both cities I was safe in the knowledge that the food was going to be awesome.

This trip will be my first to America, and definitely not the last! As we are driving to Washington from New York I will get to go through at least 2 more states, which will mean 3 will be crossed off of the list.

Anyway here are some pictures of things we are going to see…


new york 1 new york 2 new york 3 new york 4 new york 5 new york 6 The Shopping district in Soho, New York City. new york washington


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