I did a post on Topshop’s ‘Hot In The Tropics’ collection at the beginning of February, but since then the palm-tree print trend has really taken off. Add a couple of pineapples and flamingos and you’ve nailed it. 

However, this palm-tree trend has caused a bit of an upset in my life. I was already divided between two of springs biggest hits; pastel and boho, but now there is a third to contemplate. I have already kicked off my pastel additions to my wardrobe with a peach boxy shirt from New Look and have yet to purchase a top from Topshop which I have had my eye on for several weeks. So this addition of a third super cool fashion is just too much to handle. Now, one solution would be to just ignore it, but that cannot happen. Not in my world. There is my problem, three amazing trends which I don’t have enough money to fund. I have done far too many posts on pastel and boho only needs another couple to tip it into overkill but I am very tempted to do another one for each. But here is my next post centred around the Tropical theme (and this time it isn’t all from Topshop)…Image



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